National Leaders in the distribution, service and support of tanning machines.


Size : 20 x 40, island –custom look – product stand design

The main purpose of SONNENLINE’s was to present the products and how they work and also to interact with customers. The challenge was to design the trade show booth considering 20 x 40’, island exhibition space, fully booked with various products in terms of size and shape and demo areas. The exhibition space must have a people friendly design and SONNENLINE’s brand elements must be clear, well communicated and highlighted thought all exhibition stand elements.


To accomplish this goal, HT team created a visual concept that include several distinct spaces for individual products. All products were exhibit on vinyl raised floor painted in SONNENLINE’s brand color. Dominated by yellow and black spaces, the brand elements was clear, focused and visible. The graphic sign mounted on modular system, 15 feet tall increased the brand’s visibility in the hall. Unique, simple and different, the exhibition stand design was a success for the sales team due to a large number of visitors who easily interacted with company’s products in a visually appealing environment.