How to choose the right exhibition stand constructor for you!


Sometimes when you’re thinking about participating at a trade show with an exhibition stand you might have to think about all the human and financial resources that might be needed for this complex communication and exposure mechanism.
So, the first step you need to take right after renting the exhibition space is choosing the right supplier. We are talking here about an exhibition contractor that is able to provide an exhibition stand concept that is right for you and for your business that can provide all the necessary materials within a deadline and within a fixed budget.
As with many companies in many different activity fields, there are many companies in this particular field of business that also provide different related services. If you are looking for a good contractor, the company should provide consultancy in these matters or provide these services:

Production space / warehouse

A company that can provide a good production space for your exhibition stand and also a warehouse in which to store it after the show is able to ensure a certain degree of control over the entire process and also to provide a better budget optimization overall. Such companies are more able to offer discounts and to ensure that everything goes smoothly form beginning to end.
Having a warehouse can have a major impact on budget optimization. By having this advantage, your supplier can collaborate with you for a few editions which can imply a more convenient cost overall. They are actually able to optimize costs by reusing some of the architectural elements of the exposition stand so that he warehouses becomes an important player in this equation.
Warehouses are storage spaces and production spaces at the same time. Here you are able to store expositional furniture such as stools, tables, special types of exposition showcase, audio video equipment and printing equipment for graphic materials. It is a big plus if all these facilities can be found in one place.
Assembly team. The team that is about to put your exhibition stand together is actually specifically trained in a different way than most assembly teams from the advertising industry. When we think about assembling an exhibition stand we automatically think about a specific dedicated period of time for this task and also a short window of time to perform this task. The deadline is mandatory for everyone and not being ready in time can attract big penalties. These are just a few of the reasons why it is important to have a highly trained and qualified team on site.

Geographical location

In order to efficiently optimize logistical expenses, it is very important that your supplier is close to the trade show location. If you choose not to opt for a nearby contractor that is close and that can be present on site for the trade show, then you will certainly increase your budget due to transportation expenses.

Activity field references

Most companies that are specialized in exhibition stand design and construction have a dedicated technical department within the company. This department usually includes architects and designers. Although creativity in this area knows no boundaries, each activity field has its own unique characteristics. If the contractor you think about collaborating with can offer some credentials relevant for your activity field that is definitely a plus. Credentials usually consist of a series of creative strategies that they previously used with a client in a similar activity field as you. There can be unique ways to present the products or to optimize the rented space for the exhibition stand design.


Your first contact with your future exhibition stand constructor is extremely important. Whether you send a quotation request via email, by telephone or through an online form, it is important to see how much the team or your contact person is actually interested in finding out more information about your business. If they don’t ask many questions and if they don’t really seem that interested, then chances are you will not receive the custom price offer and exhibition stand design you were hoping for.
It is extremely important that the project manager perfectly understands your business, that he or she is able to become a good consultant for you during this entire process: to advice you regarding the right materials for your exposition stand, to help you stick to your initial budget and to ensure that everything regarding your exhibition stand design and construction is in perfect alignment with the trade show rules and regulations.
Even though you might be an experienced participant at trade shows, a good exhibition stand contractor must be able to provide valuable information and advice regarding your next trade show participation. At every trade shows, there are certain pieces of information that only experienced exhibition stand constructors know about. Knowing these details can prevent extra costs and complications.
If all the information is clear and complete from the very beginning of the project and if you can have an honest and transparent communication, then the time it takes for the exhibition stand design to be ready is much shorter and the final results is much closer to what you had in mind.

Flexibility and negotiation

There are many instances in which there is a certain fear in telling your exhibition stand constructor your approved budget for the stand. This fear is somewhat justified by the fact that there are many contractors that offer an exhibition stand design that does not actually fit the approved budget. In order to avoid this type of problem or inconvenience your supplier must be able to offer you aside from the exhibition stand design proposal, a detailed price proposal in which he or she mentions all the necessary materials for that exhibition stand design: from the light source, they intend to use to every single decoration flower that will be used. By knowing every single material used and the cost for it, you will have a better understanding of what that budget means.

24/7 technical assistance

Regardless of the years of experience, an exhibition stand constructor has or the complexity of your project, problems, and issues are bound to exist. It is extremely important that your exhibition stand supplier can offer 24 / 7 technical assistance for the entire trade show timeline. Each problem that might occur must be addressed immediately and with maximum discretion so that your exhibition stand visitors don’t notice it.


The truth is that you cannot foresee all the tiny elements you might need at sight. You might have everything ready, your exhibition stand set up but you might see that you need something extra. Maybe you need an extra mini fridge in your exhibition stand, maybe you need some more light for your products to stand up more or maybe you just want to change something in your stand design. For these types of instances, it is very good to have an exhibition stand supplier that can help you right away with all these extra elements for your stand.

Estimates for costs issued by the show management (labor union, drayage, electricity, rigging)

Each trade show has its own set of rules and regulations. Included in this set are also rules regarding exhibition stand construction and additional costs for particular services that they offer. These additional costs can’t be avoided but they can be optimized! In order to have a good overall picture about what to expect regarding the costs for the trade show participation, you can actually ask for the overall estimated costs for the trade show. In these estimates, there should be included: labor union, drayage, electricity, rigging. All these additional costs can actually be easily estimated right after the exhibition stand design is finalized. Once you know all these important details and their costs, you can add them to your overall approved budget and thus you can have a better handle on everything.
Also, you can actually optimize all these costs by asking for certain construction materials or other strategical optimizations that an exhibition stand constructor with some experience in the field definitely knows about.

Utility order ( e.g. electricity, water connection, rigging, drayage & labor) – you’ll need assistance with all of these!

Right after signing the contract with your supplier you should be placing the order for the trade show and fill out some forms regarding the exhibition stand design specifications. Your exhibition stand constructor must be the one to fill in all these forms and send them to the show management. By sending these forms after the deadline has passed you can actually lose your chance to participate at the trade show.

Pictures and video before shipping

When you’re about to work with a new exhibition stand supplier you don’t really know what to expect and might fear the worst. The exposition stand design might not be exactly the way you wanted it, the materials may not be of the highest quality or maybe the colors are not really the ones for your brand book. Most of the time, the initial discussions are via email or phone so you don’t really get the chance to meet the people or to see their warehouse. Not really knowing who you’re about to work with can attract some justified concerns. Depending on the project’s complexity, some contractors can provide a pre-assembly. In order to eliminate all your concerns, you can ask for some photos or video footage before sending the exhibition stand to the trade show location.
A successful participation at a trade show means that you need to plan ahead every small detail about your trade show participating. You’ll need to rent an exposition space at the trade show to have a clear and complete brief. The exposition stand supplier must understand all the important aspects of your trade show participation, to provide you with valuable information regarding the project every step of the way, to maintain a good and productive relationship with the show manager and to make sure you’re always within your deadline!

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