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About HT International Exhibitions

What do we stand for?

The world is changing, markets are changing, businesses are changing.

We honor companies who think BIG , companies who believe in innovation that can add more value tomorrow, companies which choose to share their ideas to the world, companies which choose to keep contact with their customers, to offer them new experiences every time. At every event.

We stand for companies who believe in tomorrow. We stand for you. Keep Exhibiting.

Who we are?

We are a group of people who believe in combining design excellence and superior project management to deliver quality and affordable custom built booths for our customers anywhere in USA, Europe or other continents.

We’ve been creating impactful personalized exhibition stands for more than 10 years, offering a full service from initial concept right up to final delivery.

At HT International Exhibitions, we remain totally focused on maintaining our reputation for quality, optimising-cost projects, and a great customer care. We devote our enthusiasm and expertise to develop creative solutions following the client brief and to provide close attention to each individual client and their projects specific requirements. We believe in real partnerships with our clients.


Our logo story

#Globusiness is our “internal word” for Global Business. And everyone can become a global business. Our logo reflects this (a continuous line from your city to worldwide), but also celebrates companies who believe in keeping the steps further. The companies who believe in tomorrow.

Every big brand has a story. From a crowded garage or a tiny shop. But you better view our short movie here.