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HT Internation Exhibition - Create your perfect exhibition stand design with the best team!



Established in Florida, USA, where also our creative office is located, HT International Design can add value to your exhibition strategy, through creativity and "value for money" exhibition stands.



With our own facilities in Europe and participation in every big fair in Europe, you will find with HT International Exhibitions the partner you need anywhere in Europe.



Trust a company with over 10 years of worldwide experience and over 5.000 custom exhibition booths in Europe and Asia. A company that believes in more, wanting to develop its services worldwide.



Over 100.000 square feet of custom exhibition booths built for global clients. From concepts to 3D renderings, constructions
and complete logistics. Because our client knows what "an integrated service" means.


We are moving fast. Even for your quotation. Write us today and we will get back ASAP.


Exhibition Stand Concept and Design

The concept is everything. A team of thinkers and 3D designers will provide you the best solution for your exhibition booth in the USA or Europe.


Exhibition Stand Construction

With ten years of experience in this sector, we offer you the optimized solution for your stand, both visually and technically.


Consultancy Services for Exhibition Stand Design and Construction

Our mission? Everything solved. We will handle everything and you can be a guest in your exhibition booth.

Exhibition Stand Concept and Design
Exhibition Stand Concept and Design

The concept is everything. A team of thinkers and 3D designers will provide you the best solution for your exhibition booth in the USA or Europe.

Exhibition Stand Construction
Exhibition Stand Construction

With ten years of experience in this sector, we offer you the optimized solution for your stand, both visually and technically.

Consultancy Services for Exhibition Stand Design and Construction
Consultancy Services for Exhibition Stand Design and Construction

Our mission? Everything solved. We will handle everything and you can be a guest in your exhibition stand.

Why HT?




A successful exhibition is more than just a nice stand. Your booth should offer a great experience to your visitors.
We take a step further, we understand your business and aim to create the best experience possible for your visitors.




Integrated services are always preferred. A guarantee that everything is going according to plan. With our architects and project managers, your exhibition stand is in good hands. Everything is under control.




Nowadays, optimizing the budget is not a fancy word anymore. It is a business request and also a challenge for us.
Why is it a challenge?
Because our architects know what kind of materials to use in order to get the exhibition stand design noticed, but within a budget.


Are you looking for a partner to design your exhibition stand? Well look no further. Why choose us? We have a bunch of reasons. First of all, let’s get to know each other better! We are HT International Exhibitions and we are passionate about designing exhibition stands and booths. We take pride in our work and our clients are the ones who get to enjoy our passion and our dedication with us! Working together, we manage to optimize budgets for the best results, we manage to adapt and evolve ideas and concepts, we put in motion all that is necessary in order for you to have the very best representation for your company and your brand, at every exhibition or fair you choose to attend. We are a young team that has been working in trade-show and exhibitions field, ever since 2006. What brings us together, is the passion for our project development and the desire to always exceed expectations through project delivery that generates an extra added value for our clients, as a result of their decision to collaborate with HT. Just like any other business that was built with passion, ours started out small. We are good at what we do so the business grew quickly. Right now, both production centers for exhibition stands and booths are strategically positioned, which along with the assembly team, bring an extra element of effectiveness and safety that transpire over the whole aspects regarding the event, anywhere in Europe. However, in 2016, we opened our first division in Miami Beach, Florida. This, being the first step we took for the purpose of worldwide expanding our services, we did not know what to expect. But our passion and expertise for what we did were our guarantees that our small but competitive exhibition stand company was going to make it. And it did. We are growing and expanding with new and exciting projects of creating and designing exhibition stands and booths for our clients. And we enjoy every single minute of the experience, every challenge, every opportunity to grow, every successful project we complete. The main advantage clients have in working with HT International Exhibitions is the expertise and assistance we provide. We know that a concept is not only about being visually attractive, it is about a coherent and unitary communication for the company’s image, maximum optimization of the rented space through positioning of architectural elements and features, in a fashionable manner. But these are only a few details taken into consideration by our architectural team when it comes to the concept’s creation stage. We are in a constant collaboration and communication with our client. Together we figure out what needs to be done and we do it. Simple as that. Moreover, our presentation encloses 2D and 3D sketches, a technical detailed description of the project and step-by-step implementation phases. The items we take into consideration when creating the stand building budget are: the types of used materials in stand construction, the furniture features, audio-video equipment, floral decoration and so on. We know what we’re doing. Because having over 10 years of experience in exhibition stand building we have learnt that a clear communication means efficiency, rapidity and a higher rate of preset goal achievement. All these being transposed through a transparent presentation offer for our clients. As you might know constructing an exhibition stand is never easy. It takes a village. On-time delivery, according to previous established details, is our duty, exclusively. Therefore, the “ready-to-use” stand delivery is accomplished a day before the event. You can be sure we will always have you exhibition stand or booth ready a day early. For your business, attending an exhibit and participating with a stand or a booth is a unique, important decision. It can shape your brand the eyes of your clients. However, it can be a unique and memorable experience for your visitors and clients as well. Let’s make that happen together! Exhibition stand design is an on-going field and we are definitely one step ahead of the game. Why? Because we love what we do and we do it really good! We take our time to get to know your business and to understand your business goals. By doing so, we will always be able to create the most beautiful experiences for you and also for your visitors. We can help you present your business identity in the most suitable way, in the most suitable exhibition stand! We understand that attending a fair is a pricey and complex process for you and for your team. However, enclosed in project development for your future exhibition stand design are a few essential elements that guarantee a successful attendance. The research regarding the client’s industry and brand understanding and well as the competition, stands at the core of it. We are offering our full support and transparent communication, from the first contact to the final project stage of the exhibition stand creation, regarding all the fair attendance aspects. The individual and in-depth approach of every project lead to creating a unique visitor experience that secures target-reaching of the initially set goals. We are always here for you! Our integrated services are the guarantee that everything goes according to plan. Our team of architects is always in touch with the project managers and the assembly team, in such a manner that, the visual concept is contoured as initially discussed. Budget and costs are always a concern. You want your exhibition stand or booth design to be the best at the fair but maybe you don’t want to spend your year’s earning on it, right? No worries! There’s always room for discussing the budget’s optimization, it makes no difference if we are talking about a client’s concept or our concept. Our team of architects, that we are always relying on, comes with visually optimizing solutions but without compromising the project’s overall view. We must mention, as well, that our warehouses strategically positioned in Europe are an important element that generates a decreased budget amount, which we take into consideration when calculating cost flexibility for your exhibition stand or booth. But how about the exhibition stand design? How about the concept behind it all? An exhibition stand design needs to be more than attractive, it must serve as motivation for the existing clients, to generate new ones, to feature the products in a positive manner, generating a profitable investment. This has always been our philosophy, regarding the exhibition stand concept and design. So, once we have agreed upon the exhibition stand design and concept, it’s time for the construction. We own two fully equipped production facilities that can fully support implementing the most complex architectural projects. We are ready to offer the highest quality fair stands according to the agreed budget, our main prerogatives being the newest equipment, trained personnel and our expertise in this field. Need something extra? We’re definitely not afraid to go the extra mile for a great exhibition stand design! We know that a successful concept means paying attention to details when fully featuring a fair stand. Audio-video equipment, multimedia features, on-site adapted furniture, floral decorations, these are only a few of the services that we are offering. You name it, we’ll give it to you! Also, we know that exhibit attending implies a close relationship with the organizer. Overpassing certain aspects regarding this relationship may result into additional costs for the exhibitor. Obtaining construction approvals, static calculation, in-time order placement for the utilities as well as other technical and logistical details are only few of the tasks that we are fully managing. We can handle everything from A to Z when it comes to designing and creating your exhibition stand or booth. So why choose us? Because we’re a great team that will work with you to create the perfect exhibition stand, the perfect representation for your business’s brand at any chosen fair! Let’s talk!


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