Exhibition Stand Consultancy

Looking for a partner in designing your exhibition stand? Look no further!

When attending an exhibit or a fair with an exhibition stand it is important to present your brand strategically. And for this, you might need a partner that can provide expertise in this field.

One of the main advantages clients have when working with HT International Exhibitions on a design for an exhibition stand is the expertise and assistance the team can provide. These are some of the most important aspects when designing a stand. It all has to start with a goon communication. By communicating with the client, consulting, researching the business and the industry, analysing the competition we can create a coherent and unitary communication for your company’s brand.

We are offering our full support and transparent communication, from the first contact to the final project stage of the exhibition stand creation. We can offer our expertise when it comes to your exhibition stand design and budget optimizations.
Moreover, we know that representing your brand with an exhibition stand at a fair implies not only building the exhibition stand but also having a rather close relationship with the organizer. Sometimes, overpassing certain aspects or details regarding this relationship may actually result in some additional costs for you. Obtaining construction approvals, static calculation, in-time order placement for the utilities as well as other technical and logistical details are only a few of the tasks that we are fully managing. However, we can take care of all that for you, from the beginning to the end.

So why choose us for exhibition stand consultancy?

Transparent communication

Cost control

Clear strategy

Focus on the result