Exhibition Stand Construction

Are you ready for a successful attendance at every fair or exhibit? Here we go!

We understand the fact that for your business, attending an exhibit and participating with a stand or a booth is an unique and important decision. It has the potential to shape your brand in the eyes of your clients and partners. It needs to correctly represent your business and your brand.

Here at HT International Exhibitions, we aim to make your attendance at every exhibition or fair an unique and productive experience, not only for you but for your visitors and clients as well. We are offering our full support and transparent communication, from the first contact to the final project stage of the exhibition stand creation, regarding all the fair attendance aspects. The individual and in-depth approach to every project help us to create a unique visitor experience that secures target-reaching of the initially set goals.
Our exhibition stand construction services provide an entire team of architects that work on designing and supervising the construction of your exhibition stand. Also, HT International Exhibitions owns two fully equipped production facilities that can fully support implementing some of the most complex projects. We are able to ensure high-quality finishes for your exhibition stand construction. You can be sure that your high standards for the way you present your brand are met with the same level of quality and professionalism.
As a plus in the construction phase of your exhibition stand, it is important to mention that our warehouses are strategically positioned. Why is that important? Because that generates a decreased budget amount, which we take into consideration when calculating cost flexibility for your exhibition stand or booth.
How about the extra mile? We’re definitely up for it! A successful exhibition stand construction process means paying attention to all the details, all the needs and opportunities. Audio-video equipment, multimedia features, on-site adapted furniture, floral decorations, these are only a few of the services that we are offering. We got you covered!

So why choose us for exhibition stand construction?

Budget optimization

Cost transparency

High quality standards

Assistance 24/7