Choosing a good quality carpet is actually a really quick and cost-efficient way to customize the flooring of your exhibition stand. Unlike the classical exhibition flooring, a good quality carpet is actually fairly easy and quick to set up. Due to the fact that you most likely won’t have a lot of time on your hands to set up your exhibition stand, having an exhibition stand that can be set up quickly is definitely a plus.
As you might know, it is very important that the surface on which you will be setting up your exhibition stand is straight, with absolutely no bumps on the surface. Unfortunately, most of the times you will not be able to see beforehand the spot in which you will be setting up your exhibition stand. Given that this can leave room for errors and problems, it is a good idea to plan ahead. You can opt for a raised floor which will prevent this problem altogether.
Maybe when you think about your future exhibition stand design, you think about colors and cool gadgets. However, the carpet actually plays a very important part in the visitor’s overall experience at your exhibition stand. It adds a level of real comfort for your team but also adds value to the overall experience at your booth. Taking into consideration that fact that most exhibition events last between 3 – 4 days, conform is a real factor for your team and for customer. Sure, visitors might be focused on the message, on the products you are promoting, on your brand. But the overall feeling will be the one that sticks with them. Let’s make it a good one from start to finish!

Another important factor when choosing the right carpet for your exhibition stand is the color. You will need to choose a color based on the ones your brand has, based on the color you maybe already chose for the exhibition stand walls or maybe based on the ones already present in the exhibition space altogether. The main idea is that the color must be coordinated and integrated appropriately. Luckily, our specialists will be able to help you choose the best option for your exhibition stand!

A good quality carpet for your exhibition stand is a great element that adds elegance and comfort but that is also very accessible at really any budget. You can provide a great variety of textures and colors for your exhibition stand.

We provide a huge variety of different colors and textures.
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Vinyl floor

A vinyl floor is a type of flooring that is visually attractive, really easy to clean and water resistant. This particular type of flooring is anti-static which makes it a great solution for any type of expositional space.
By choosing vinyl flooring, you will be able to choose from a great variety of colors and patterns, some of which imitate natural flooring materials such as marble or wood. Also, you are able to pick different patterns and effects given by the vinyl flooring itself.
A vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for your exhibition stand because it is not only visually pleasing but it is also a safe way to meet the exhibition’s rules and regulations. The vinyl flooring is previously treated against bacteria so it is very safe and also eco-friendly.
HT International Exhibitions offers you a great variety of vinyl flooring options that can perfectly match any expositional space, visual brand identity or any other architectural criteria for the exhibition stand.

We provide a huge variety of different colors and textures.
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Custom flooring

Having a custom flooring is one of the key elements we offer for exhibition stand design. A custom flooring can be an important differentiator in your exhibition stand design because it can leave a lasting impression on your visitors. At an exhibition, you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd and make a memorable appearance. What better way to do it?
Depending on your exhibition stand theme we are able to create different decorative elements in the flooring which will definitively add value to the overall creative concept.

Having a quality flooring with creative elements integrated will definitely be something that you visitors will notice at your exhibition stand. While it is true that having a custom flooring is a more expensive option than having a carpet or a vinyl flooring, there are still a few ways to optimize your budget if you want to choose a custom flooring option. Our architects are always able to find custom solutions for any budget. Together, we can find a perfect solution for your budget!

Depending on your stand’s design and on your budget, we can provide exceptional flooring solutions that enhance the beauty and character of any exhibition space.

  • Floor covered with chipboards ( white or other agreed color);
  • Raised floor provided with illuminate edge, floor graphics, recessed light boxes or client’s product so on;
  • Wooden floor;
  • Artificial turf, stones granules, vinyl carpet with different textures.

Exhibition furniture

The exhibition furniture you choose for your exhibition stand is one of the most important aspects in our opinion because it offers great value to the overall experience visitors have at your exhibition booth. Depending on your budget and on your visual concept for the exhibition stand, you are able to choose one of these three types of exhibition furniture: basic, luxury and eccentric.

So what are the main benefits a good quality exhibition furniture can bring? Besides the added comfort, a quality exhibition furniture can add value to a quality look and feel for the exhibition stand overall. Quality materials reflect quality services provided by your brand. Also, a well thought out exhibition furniture design will facilitate the interaction between the stand personal and the visitors. Our team is able to optimize the furniture and scale it to size.
We provide a wide selection of high-quality furniture including chairs, stool bars, tables provided with wood or glass top, armchairs, sofas, desks, info-point, display for products, shelves rack and different types of showcases.

We also have a great partnership with a specialized supplier on a global scale.
Ask for a complete catalogue of furniture.


Having a multimedia experience can significantly improve the customer’s experience at your exhibition stand and thus also improve your visitor flux at the stand attracting more and more people.

Because no two stands are the same, we are constantly improving our equipment offer. In our warehouse in Miami, Florida we have a varied range of audio-video equipment that can cover any type of request.

In order for us to be able to provide any type of audio-video equipment you might need, at the beginning of 2017, we developed partnerships with specialized suppliers on a global scale for the following special equipment: audio-video system, multimedia, touch screens and multi-touch interactive tables, levitated products controlled by joystick, water show equipment, kinetic light holograms.

Need some audio-video equipment for your exhibition stand? We got you covered! Our team will handle the entire process: from shipping the equipment to the location to setting everything up and offering technical support throughout the trade show.

You can choose from our large selection of rental equipment:
  • LED & LCD Monitors;
  • Video Walls;
  • Touch Screen;
  • Tablets & iPads;
  • Computer Monitors;
  • Projectors & screens;
  • Audio Equipment: speakers system, audio recording;
  • Special effects: Holograms Projects for special 3D effects.


Regardless what type of exhibition stand design you opted for, you will certainly need good lighting in order to make it stand out! A dark exhibition stand will certainly go unnoticed! So, lighting is actually one of the most important elements you need to have integrated into your exhibition stand design. The good news is that a good lighting solution is not at all expensive!

The most commonly used solution for exhibition stand lighting is having some reflectors set up on the walls of your exhibition stand. In case you are allowed to have decorative hanging signs at the trade show, you can also use reflectors that can be set up directly on the hanging truss.

You might also need to highlight some of the stand’s elements in which case you can opt for a led band or maybe for spotlights that can be set up on the floor or on different elements of the stand depending on its design. By having a creative lighting on the product, you want to exhibit you will not only attract more visitors but you will also have a memorable presentation of that particular product.

Moreover, for the separated discussion and meeting area, our architects can provide great solutions for lighting such as lamps or fluorescent tubes that can be set up on the decorative ceiling. These lights will provide an extra feeling of comfort but will also make a positive impression on you visitors.

Great trade show booths get more visitors. One of the most important aspects of exhibitions and trade shows is the lighting. Our architects will help you make the best possible lighting choice for your trade show booth.

  • Recessed spots;
  • Arm led;
  • Portable display lights;
  • Led strip lights;
  • Architectural lighting, custom lighting decoration.

Exhibition stand wall colors

Your exhibition stand’s walls can have different colors depending on your brand identity. We offer a great variety of shades so that all the colors picked for the overall stand design can perfectly match and blend in a harmonious look with your brand’s identity. When the design plan goes into production, we make sure it contains all the color codes provided by you so there will be no surprise or error regarding the color of the wall.

The final evaluation will be made by a team that includes the architect, the project manager, the production team and you, the client.

What color suits your brand? Choose from our color chart:


If you are going to participate at a food and drinks trade show and you are about to participate with perishable food or drinks, you are surely going to need a good freezer that will perfectly match your products, your exhibition stand design and your overall concept for the booth.

We can help you get in contact with best suppliers for an exhibition stand. We have a few partners we’ve been working with for a long time which we highly recommend in these instances. We are confident that by helping you get in contact with these suppliers you will be able to get the best products and prices for your exhibition stand.

We can provide basic freezer equipment but, if you need more, then ask for the complete catalogue from one of the best US supplier specialized in freezers.

Floral decorations

Depending on the season and the location for the trade show you are about to participate in, we can offer different types and designs for floral decorations.

Renting floral decoration for your exhibition or trade show is a small and inexpensive detail which will improve the overall perception and the image of your exhibition space.


Fair Hostess make sure that all visitors at your stand feel welcomed so that your team can focus on potential customers. Their role is to hand out promotion materials to your guests, they take care of catering at your stand and they also can introduce your product / service to guests in order to support your sales and marketing team.